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Eclipse Energy is an authorized dealer of SunPower. SunPower high-efficiency solar panels generate more power than conventional solar technologies and have a uniquely attractive, all-black appearance. Our representatives are trained in SunPower solar panels, products and services with the ability to create a custom solar design and detailed solar proposal for your home.


Conventional Panels Vs. Sunpower Panels

Conventional Home Solar

  • Built with components from multiple brands and manufacturers each with its own warranty.

  • Requires more panels typically spanning multiple sides to meet energy needs.

  • Separate inverters add more utility boxes cluttering exterior walls.


SunPower Equinox

  • Built by SunPower backed by the industry's only complete-system warranty.

  • Generates more power in less space with fewer visible parts for a minimalist design.

  • Eliminates unnecessary hardware and utility boxes on exterior walls.

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Built To Last

At the heart of every system is the Maxeon® solar cell, designed with a solid copper foundation to stand up to harsh conditions and deliver decades of productivity.



Unrivaled Performance

The SunPower EquinoxTM system features the most efficient solar panels on the market.  Because more power means more savings and fewer panels on your roof.