Commercial Solution

Eclipse Energy a full Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company. We will manage your solar project from beginning to end, including permitting, design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance (O&M). We take care of the full process, so you can focus on what you do best: managing your operation.

We are experienced in providing energy solutions for all types of commercial businesses. We understand how to balance energy management systems, energy storage solutions with solar photovoltaic technology with environmentally conscious operations, existing infrastructure or new construction. Our data driven methodology protects you from the negative effects that rate increases can have on your profitability.


Energy Management System

Energy Management System collects real-time data streams from all of your Internet of Things sensors and devices. You can monitor, manage and automate all of your building’s energy saving sensors and devices through a seamless, unified platform. Energy management platform is the must have tool for business owners and building managers who are looking to eliminate energy waste. Our solution can reduce energy costs by catching demand spikes as they are happening and by redistributing your building’s energy consumption during costly hours to cheaper hours.

Solar photovoltaic

Commercial solar benefits your company in multiple ways. You reduce the expensive brown power imported to your commercial buildings, corporate campus, and distribution or manufacturing facility. Solar energy also provides a significant savings on future utility rate hikes, hidden utility demand charges, and unpredictable time-of-use rates.

Energy Storage system

Battery Storage systems are quickly becoming a crucial component of the expanding commercial solar market. This helps meet the demands on unstable grid energy, heavy cycling and irregular full recharging. Batteries convert electricity into chemical potential energy for storage and back into electrical energy as needed. They smooth out the variability of flow and store excess energy when demand is low to release it when demand is high keeping utility costs low.



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